Seli Ski Center

Seli Ski Centre, the first ski centre in Greece for snow funs in the Southwestern side of mountain Vermio

Seli ski centre is located in the altitude of 1900 m. in Southwestern side of mountain Vermio, no more than 95 km from Thessaloniki.

In order to reach the centre you can follow the way via Veria or the way via Naoussa.

It is the first ski centre in Greece, a fact that became true in 1934.

This is the point that is considered the starting line for winter athletics and skiing tourist in our country.

It allocates:

  • 15 slopes covering thus the needs of beginners, medium and experienced skiers,
  • 2 slopes like for resistance,
  • that totally cover 16 km, while function 9 lifts, from which the 8 are sliding-lifts and one air-lift, for the service of visitors.

Furthermore, the visitors can find traditional food, coffee, bar, ski and snowboard shops, parking of many places in order to do not have a rough time the visitors, in the base of ski centre where exists a village.

In the top of the mountain, it functions chalet with coffee - bar, thus after one tedious and energetic day you can enjoy the beautiful view, relax and have fun.

Seli Skiing Centre host each year more and more young people that love winter sports and are ready to live unforgettable experiences.

For your stay, you can choose between the shelter of Mountaineering Association Skiers - Climbers of Veria, the shelter of Mountaineering Association Thessaloniki and the traditional guesthouse Platitsas.

The Seli Ski Centre sure constitutes a model ski centre with even facilities and hospitable environment that visitors have the possibility το exercise, removing the stress and be renewed.

Information for the ski centre:

23310 49226-26237